• Lacaze-Duthiers canyon study site : a climate-sensitive deep-sea hotspot

    Lacaze-Duthiers canyon study site : a climate-sensitive deep-sea hotspot

    The head of the Lacaze-Duthiers canyon in the southern end of the Gulf of Lion is located only 15 miles from the coast. This incision in the continental shelf ranges Read More
  • Submarine canyons

    Submarine canyons

    Submarine canyons are recognized as ecological hotspots on continental margins, providing a number of services to ecosystems and humans. In the Mediterranean sea, canyons are particularly threaten by cumulated anthropogenic Read More
  • The Deep Ocean and Climate Change

    The Deep Ocean and Climate Change

    The perspective paper 'The deep ocean under climate change' published on November 13th in Science  aims at an explicit recognition of the deep ocean role in climate change mitigation. It Read More
  • Deep-sea hydrothermal vents

    Deep-sea hydrothermal vents

    Hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor sustain a large diversity of ecosystems, in relation to different geological and oceanological contexts. Microbial chemoautotrophy supporting carbon fixation from dissolved CO2 or methane Read More
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We are commited to share information on key societal challenges concerning the deep-ocean and the advancement of science in this domain. This activity includes interviews, public conferences, contribution to exhibitions and all kind of initiatives dedicated to the deep seafloor ecosystems.

Involving students in outreach is also a major goal of training activities. The context of the COP21 in December 2015 has offered an opportunity to shed light on the vulnerability of these remote and poorly known ecosystems, and the services they support for humanity and our planet.

  • The Biodiversity and the Deep Ocean-Day was organized by the chair in the Paris UPMC Campus to promote exchange between students, instution representatives and stakeholders on the most advanced knowledge and research needs
  • The chair is part of the scientific committee of the Ocean and Climate Platform and contribute to the Factsheets distributed during the World Ocean Day (UNESCO, 8 June 2015)
  • We organized the 'deep-sea ecosystem an climate change' session at the scientific conference 'Our common future under climate change' from 7 to 10 July 2015



One of the main commitment of the chair is to share the scientific knowledge and issues related to current challenges concerning deep-sea ecosystems.
Interviews, public conferences, factsheets are available on the web. We also organize events to facilitate the exchange between student, researchers and all stakeholders.